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For the last 7 years, we have provided process-driven digital solutions for clients in the global marketplace.

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We make a business-oriented web application. We comprehensively apply technologies to achieve outstanding results. We provide points of growth, improve the quality of the product and business processes. We go beyond online and help to become a leader in our field. For this, we have organized a powerful team of analysts and developers, created a project development department.

CODEnt is not just a partner providing a full range of software development services, it is a reliable executor of all your goals for your web application, both for the desktop version and for the mobile version of devices. We offer high quality services using flexible or traditional methodologies. Our company specializes in the development of mobile applications, web development, SAAS services, ERP / CRM development, providing service and support for each of its projects from the very beginning until the moment when the project is successfully launched.

Our managers are ready to meet our clients in our office in or make a business trip to your country to lynch a meeting with you. We work with companies all over the world.

We work with projects of completely different levels - with small stores, and with Internet startups, and with national brands, and with projects of a transnational level.


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All solutions for your business will take the best and will be made
on the best solutions in web development, both in desktop and mobile applications.

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