Our model

Model of work

When approaching work with our clients, we try to select key concepts for each individually. Whether it's MVP development for your startup or full-fledged software development, it doesn't matter. We've highlighted several options that help you approach work more efficiently:

  • Time and material model

  • Dedicated team model

These approaches help us meet the goals you set for your business decisions.

Our expertise

Industry expertise

Our company has long and successfully specialized in web development for different fields business sectors. Our solutions have shown themselves well in different fields industries:

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Sport

  • Trading services

  • Retail

  • Professional services

  • E-commerce

  • Transportation

If you add together all the years of work of each CODEnt specialist in this area, you get an experience of several decades.

Development processes

Web Application Development Process

The success of website creation is laid from the very first steps - at the stage of web development and application concept. And this success can be achieved only under one condition - the competent implementation of each step.

Web development is not only knowledge and experience in the field of programming and design. Such essential aspects as marketing analysis, the construction of business logic, as well as the creation of an information structure, fall within our purview. We also develop an advertising strategy and work on the optimization of all texts for search queries for subsequent promotion.

Business analysis

Business Requirements Analysis

A detailed analysis allows you to find out the needs of the client and justifies the need for the project. After that, based on the identified business and customer requirements, we define the project boundaries.

The quality of any product largely depends on a deep understanding of the needs for the business. You must always be ready for one or another solution to improve your own product. Therefore, analysis in web development helps to take the best paths for implementation. We start writing code only at the moment when we have a complete understanding of the needs and goals of future software. This approach ensures high quality of project results.

Application design

Web Design

Design is about the balance of beauty, logic and possibilities. The web designer has to make the project look beautiful, but this is only one of his tasks. First of all, he is a designer and analyst who creates simple and understandable products based on the analysis of user behavior.

By design, we mean not how the site looks, but how it works and how easy it is for users to achieve their goal. Creativity and art in design faded into the background. For business tasks, a web designer works in such a way as to attract the attention of a visitor, to interest and convey the necessary information.

Whether you are developing web applications or developing websites or portals, the collective effort of the entire team is essential. CODEnt will help you get a high-quality implementation of your business goals.

Desktop and mobile frontend development

Frontend Development

Frontend is not just mock-ups created. This is a smart approach to realizing the needs of business models for your product. At this stage, our front-end developers help to implement them.

Languages and techniques: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery.

Frameworks: Angular, React + Redux (Desktop), React Native (Mobile), Vue, Bootstrap.

Desktop and mobile backend development

Backend Development

Backend development is the heart of your application. CODEnt provides a suite of security and logic solutions for the back end of your future web app.

Languages: PHP, Python, JavaScript (NodeJS).

Frameworks: Symfony, Laravel.

CMS: WordPress, Magento, MODx, OctoberCMS, Drupal.

Desktop and mobile testing & deployment

QA & Deployment

Quality assurance engineers at CODEnt perform various testing tasks to ensure that your product works without any errors on any device. We cover all software testing needs including performance, security and functionality. We control absolutely all stages of testing from pre-deployment to production deployment.

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