Mobile Application Development

Literally 15-20 years ago, the owner of a cell phone would not have found an answer to the question of what a mobile application is. The capabilities of the devices were limited to the functions of calls, sending SMS and simple games. However, a simple game on a cell phone could already then be called an application.

Today, a mobile application is software specially designed for the functionality of gadgets. The purpose of the software can be very diverse: services, shops, entertainment, online assistants, and more. These applications are downloaded and installed by the user through mobile marketplaces. The largest platforms are AppStore, Google Play. Technically, all applications are created for a specific mobile gadget platform. Most popular operating systems - iOS, Android.

It should be remembered that the increase in data traffic through mobile devices in recent years by 57%, that is, this is direct evidence of the effectiveness of doing business through mobile applications. The CODEnt development team will help you create exactly the application that will bring your business to a decent level.

Our Benefits

Working with CODEnt you will receive:

  • Convenient and fast application

  • Cross-platform application

  • Data security

  • Application Control

Company Provides a Full Range of Services?

At CODEnt, you will receive a full cycle of services, from drawing up an implementation plan to the final product for your business.

Web Improvement Works are Expensive?

We work with both startups and large clients, so our development rates will suit everyone, as we use an individual approach.

Will business Key Performance Indicators improve?

Every web application developed by CODEnt will increase the efficiency of your business. Don't worry, with us you can only get the best solution.