Web Security Solutions

Web security is enforced by a security appliance that acts as a web proxy, sitting between users and the Internet. This appliance can either be an on-premises or cloud-based appliance or software deployed within the user’s web browser. Yet all that matters is that an employee’s computer is configured to send all Internet-bound traffic through the web security system.

The web security solution’s location between a web user and the Internet provides it with a deep level of visibility and control over web traffic. All traffic flowing through it can be inspected at the application layer for malicious content or for actions that violate corporate policy. Approved traffic can continue on to its intended destination, while anything else can be dropped.

At CODEnt, we value the safety of our customers very much and therefore only develop the best Web Security Solutions.

Our Benefits

Working with CODEnt you will receive:

  • URL Filtering

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • SSL Introspection

  • Application Control

Company Provides a Full Range of Services?

At CODEnt, you will receive a full cycle of services, from drawing up an implementation plan to the final product for your business.

Web Improvement Works are Expensive?

We work with both startups and large clients, so our development rates will suit everyone, as we use an individual approach.

Will business Key Performance Indicators improve?

Every web application developed by CODEnt will increase the efficiency of your business. Don't worry, with us you can only get the best solution.